With the prolonged effects of COVID still upending lives throughout the world, people are seeking ways to occupy their time. Some may be reviving old hobbies or becoming more invested in their current ones, while others are pursuing new creative outlets. Painting is an immersive hobby for anyone who wants to tap into their creative energy and express their artistic abilities. Moreover, it is also an activity that is suitable for both individuals and groups. As such, it is a perfect way for lone wolves, friends, or family to connect, relax, and unwind as a collective unit or alone.

For those who do not have a background or training in Art, there are some essential items that every hobbyist should acquire. To assist those eager to take a foray into painting, here are some suggestions on what to buy as a first-time painter.

  1. Mixed Medium Drawing Pad–Mixed media paper is a perfect way to dabble in different mediums as well as an essential tool for drawing and sketching. Moreover, the paper is multi-functional and its texture works well for both wet and dry media. Furthermore, the pages are easy to tear out and suitable for framing.


  1. Paint Brush Set–Every artist should have a paintbrush set, whether they are a professional painter, hobbyist, or novice. However, for those who are new to the genre, finding the correct paint brushes can be tricky. The best rule of thumb is to purchase a set with a variety of brush shapes and sizes to find what works for the artist. Sets like this typically include several brushes, sponges for cleaning, and a paint palette or palette knife, which can be used to mix paint.


  1. Paint Palettes–This essential tool provides a fun way to explore different color combinations and allows newbie artists to become accustomed to the texture as well as consistency of the paint before applying it to a canvas. For beginners, a simple wood or acrylic palette is great for starters. If money is tight, a piece of cardboard gets the job done, as well. If painting is someone’s passion, consider transitioning to a glass palette, which is easier to clean and reuse.

Whether someone is looking to revive an old hobby or pursue new creative endeavors, painting is a cathartic activity that can be enjoyed alone or as a group.