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About Frank Chiaro

Frank Lupel Chiaro is an environmentally focused individual living in Portland, Oregon, where he enjoys a number of different hobbies that keep him busy and involved. 

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Frank Lupel Chiaro likes to enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer, specifically in terms of natural wonders and music. Frank’s love for the environment and for nature has always been there for as long as he can remember. When he entered his freshman year of high school, he joined his school’s Lake Ecology Program at Shedd Aquarium, where he spent the summer preparing for – and embarking on – a research trip to the Apostle Islands to gather data on amphibian microbiomes. The following year, Frank joined the Marine Biology Program at Shedd Aquarium, where he learned from biologists and ecologists about stewardship of natural places, tropical ecosystems, and research methods. 

In high school, Frank was also a member of the Alliance Rowing Club and the Canyoning Club, where he and the team participated in hiking and mountain climbing. In his sophomore year, he was involved in the Pacific Discovery GAP Program, where he participated in a four-month service trip to Hawaii, focusing on stewardship to the environment and understanding of the culture. On this trip, he and the team performed 30 beach cleanups and park and trail restoration projects. 

In conjunction with his love for nature is Frank Chiaro’s love and compassion for animals has motivated him to volunteer at the Evanston Animal Shelter during his junior and senior years. Here, he worked with cats and dogs alike on enrichment, exercise, and care. 

Personally, Frank has always been interested in art. He learned to play the guitar while in the ninth grade, taking lessons in high school. Now he plays for personal enjoyment. Frank has also been making music on his beat pad since his senior year of high school as a form of rest, relaxation, and mental enrichment. 

Alongside his artistic passions and interests, Frank Chiaro has also invested time and effort in his physical and mental health. An athlete at heart, Frank has competed in a number of organized sports throughout his life. Since he was in the sixth grade, Frank has found relaxation and rewards on the basketball court. In middle school, he played for a travel team, but now he continues to play the sport in a recreational and leisurely manner. 

For more information from Frank Lupel Chiaro about art, be sure to check out his blog page; if you’re looking for even more, don’t forget to visit Frank’s Travel site and his Technology site! 

Frank Chiaro