The world of art is a big place, and it’s not just about the latest exhibitions at museums such as MoMA or on the Lower East Side or Uptown. There are also many events happening all around the globe, including exhibitions, auctions, and art fairs.

Due to the existence of numerous art blogs and websites, it’s now easier than ever to keep up with the latest developments in the world of art. If you’re looking to find the best sites that are both opinionated and informative, then check out the list of art websites below.

Since its annual art fairs in New York and London have become some of the most influential events in the world of art, it’s no wonder that the brand has become one of the most prominent organizations in the industry. Besides its magazine, the company also publishes an online magazine that provides the latest news about exhibitions and galleries all around the globe.

Whitehot Magazine
Whitehot Magazine was founded by Noah Becker in 2005. It features a mix of reviews, interviews, and news about the art world. The company has employed some of the best journalists in the industry, and it has also launched the careers of several young writers. It is regularly featured at Art Basel and has a YouTube channel that features documentaries about contemporary art.

Art In America
Art In America was first published in 1913, right around the time that the Armory Show was taking place in the US. Like many of its predecessor publications, Art In America has moved to the web. Over the years, it has been providing reviews and features on various art exhibitions and artists. It still publishes a print issue every year.

Artsy is focused on connecting art lovers with collectors. It has a database that includes works for sale and an Art Genome Project, which aims to explore the historical similarities and differences between artists from different periods. In addition, it has a magazine section that features profiles of various artists.

Artnews was first published in 1902, and it has a long history that includes the likes of William Carlos Williams, Alfred Barr, and Jean-Paul Sartre. Despite its traditional print form, Artnews has continued to provide the latest news and criticism about the art world.