Any artist will likely agree that a significant part of the painting process is the quality of your supplies. From the canvas to the types of paints being used, there are a variety of supplies that can help bring your ideas to life on the canvas. If you are an artist looking for the best painting supplies, consider trying out the following items. 

Sargent Art 16×20 Stretched Canvas
One of the most important supplies when painting is the canvas, as it is where your painting will be created. The Sargent Art 16×20 stretched canvas is a great option for both new and experienced painters and is a great choice for acrylic or oil paintings. The canvas is ready to use, making it easier for painters to focus on creating the best piece possible. 

Michael Harding Oil Paints
Using the right kind of paints will be another important step when thinking about the final product, and the Michael Harding Oil Paints are a great place to start. With a wide range of colors, painters will have everything they need when creating the pieces. The paints are most popular for their buttery consistency and are a great choice for painters of all levels. 

Winsor & Newton Foundation Brush Set
A painter will not be able to create a work of art without the right brushes, and the Winsor & Newton Foundation Brush set is an excellent option. Known as a great starter kit, the set comes with six brushes of various sizes. While the brushes may not be the best choice for experienced painters, they are a great starting point for new artists. 

Mont Marte Heavy Duty Tripod Easel
In order to create the best painting possible, you can also benefit from the Mont Marte Heavy Duty Tripod Easel. With the ability to hold a canvas that is up to 31 inches high, it provides stability needed for the best results. Additionally, the tripod is made from highly durable materials, making it strong enough to hold larger paintings. 

The painting supplies discussed are all great options for both new and experienced painters and can help get your painting started on the right foot.