The education sector in the United States has continued to see shifts in how it functions. More focus has been placed on the many benefits and advantages of art education for young children in recent years. Understanding the benefits of art education can help to increase access to a more diverse education that includes the arts. There are a number of great benefits to an art education that are examined below. 

One of the most important benefits of art education is that it helps to build a child’s creativity. A child will learn more about how to use their creativity during art lessons and can continue building the skill. This will be an important piece of a child’s development and how they approach situations later in life, especially with understanding how to approach a problem that has more than one solution. Building one’s creativity can not only build problem-solving skills but teaches a child how to approach a more complex problem. 

Art education is an often under-appreciated skill that art education helps develop a child’s problem-solving skills. When a child learns about art, they are able to better understand how to approach a more complex, open-ended project. Problem-solving skills are crucial in today’s workforce, making them a vital part of a child’s education. 

In addition to building a child’s creativity, an arts education program can also help build their understanding of self-expression. For many children, being able to express themselves in their artwork can help tap into their creativity, which is an important part of development. Children who can practice their self-expression are also learning more about how to approach something that is not straightforward. For example, while a math problem has one correct answer, creating an art piece does not have one final answer. The final product is based on a child’s ability to express themselves through their artwork, and early art education can help them develop that skill. 

When a child has a diverse education that includes art, they are able to develop skills that will help them be successful later in life. Schools should continue to offer art education as part of a child’s great development.