The majority of people probably think that the world’s most valuable collections of art are housed in public locations, like museums; however, the fact is, the most priceless collections are actually private and owned by billionaires. So, who are these owners of the most precious collections of masterpieces in the world?

Ezra and David Nahmad
It may be surprising to learn that the owners of the most valuable art collection in the world do not actually consider themselves art enthusiasts. The goal of the Nahmad brothers is not to appreciate their pieces but to store, resell, and profit from them. Ezra and David Nahmad’s collection is worth approximately $3 billion. It is believed that their warehouse is home to nearly 5,000 pieces, including at least 300 Picasso works worth $900 million.

David Geffen
With a value of $2.3 billion, David Geffen’s collection is the largest owned by an individual in the world. His art includes many works created by mid-century American artists. Along with his art and business savvy, he is also the creator of Dreamworks Animation, Asylum Records, and Geffen Records.

Eli and Edyth Broad
Widely known for their altruism, Eli and Edyth Broad’s inventory has been called the greatest collection of contemporary art in the world and is valued at $2.2 billion. It includes Andy Warhol’s Two Marilyns, Rauschenberg’s Untitled, and many more. They financed the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, California, and have many of their pieces on display there as well. Their goal has always been to share their passion and love for art with others.

Bernard Arnault
Bernard Arnault’s art collection is of unknown value, the richest man in Europe and creator of the Louis Vuitton and Moet & Chandon brands. He is also the CEO and chairman of the LVMH Group and built the Louis Vuitton Foundation, which helps support contemporary art – its creation and curation.

The list of billionaires with the most valuable collections of art is quite extensive and includes figures such as Philip Niarchos ($2.2 billion), Francois Pinault ($1.4 billion), Steven Cohen ($1 billion), and Charles Saatchi (unknown).