Despite the multitude of types of art and designs that can be produced globally, the curators, collectors, and consumers who are involved in the art world mainly determine the trends and reigning styles. Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the current economic situation, people are starting to view digital art as a safe and valuable asset.

In 2022, various design and art trends will continue to grow, such as the rise of virtual art exhibitions and immersive experiences, the increasing popularity of street art, and the revival of Memphis art.

Virtual art exhibitions and events
Through the use of virtual exhibitions and experiences, artists can reach out to a wider audience through their homes. Various art festivals, museums, fashion houses, and galleries are also using the metaverse to capture the spirit of a real-life event and create immersive experiences that replicate it in a virtual space.

With the rise of the internet and the lack of geographical boundaries, artists are also working to connect with a wider audience through the medium of virtual exhibitions.

Crypto and NFT artworks
Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of new digital projects, mainstream artists are starting to embrace the use of NFTs and crypto art. One of the most prominent artists who has used this medium is the Pak, who created the artwork called The Merge. It was sold on the NFT marketplace, known as the Nifty Gateway, in 2021 for a record amount of $91.8 million.

Many artists from different countries are also using NFTs to support Ukraine, which is currently facing an invasion by Russia. Through online charity auctions organized by the NFT community, such as those held by ArtWaRks Ukraine, Holy Water, ARtistiQ, and Vandalz for Ukraine, they are able to provide aid to the country’s war-stricken residents.

Memphis Revival
The resurgence of the Memphis Design trend is being seen in various areas, such as fashion, interior design, and gaming. This trend is characterized by the vibrant colors and geometric shapes that were featured in the 1980s. Besides these, other elements, such as retro-style interfaces and simple internet frames, are also being used to create a new look.

The Memphis Design concept was created by Ettore Sottsass, an Italian designer who died in 2007. During the 2010s, the style was seen as a source of inspiration for several multidisciplinary designers, such as Missoni and Christian Dior. It is now being used by many individuals, including graphic designers, interior designers, and filmmakers.