While exposing yourself to art and culture isn’t one of the bare necessities of life, it can help you enrich your spirit. If you’re new to art, knowing how to get started can feel a little intimidating. You can start by learning about some of the brightest up-and-coming artists on the scene. Whether you look in your own community or on a national level, you’re sure to find some artists who will interest you.

Park McArthur
Although she was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, in 1984, Park calls New York her home today. Her work has been featured in several summer exhibitions, including those featured at the Galerie Emanuel Layr in Vienna and the Ludwig Forum in Aachen, Germany. One of Ms. McArthur’s most cherished pieces is a foam block made from polyurethane. The piece is unique in that it loses its color over a brief period as a statement about the fragility of time. Park’s newest work, entitled “Unorthodox,” is featured at the Jewish Museum in New York.

Cooper Jacoby
In 1989, Cooper Jacoby was born in Princeton, New Jersey, but he no longer spends much time on the east coast. Instead, he splits his time between Los Angeles and Düsseldorf. His latest piece, “Deposit,” was featured in a summer exhibition at High Art in Paris. This artist uses X-ray film to create surreal images of ordinary objects. He used images taken by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the German physicist who invented X-ray technology, to create his unique artwork. Jacoby made a great impression with his sculpture of door handles mounted to a wall and hung with X-ray images.

Nick Farhi
Mr. Farhi lives and works in New York City, which is where he was born in 1987. The Jonathan Viner Gallery in London featured his work, “Object Painting – Painting Object,” in their summer exhibit. Nick uses vibrant colors and a simplistic style to take ordinary objects and cast them in surreal light in his paintings. He does this by creating images with contradicting splashes of color. For example, “Wine Paintings” takes a look at the beauty of a wine spill.

As you get involved in viewing and supporting art, you’ll become better informed about today’s modern artists. This can lead you to discover even more emerging artists who create the type of art that you find alluring. Exposing yourself to more art can also help you network with others in your community.