Art is an excellent escape from reality and a way for people to express their creative sides. While everyone has their unique artistic preferences and styles, some details are trendier than others in the art world. These are some 2022 wall art trends.


Neon art

Many people look to art for excitement, and neon pieces never fail to appear bold and attention-grabbing. While people traditionally expect to see neon signs and lights outside bars, clubs and trendy hotels, this art style is becoming more common inside restaurants and homes. People love taking pictures in front of neon art to ramp up their social media pages. Now that this type of art is becoming more accessible, trendy art-lovers will start purchasing neon wall art for their homes and businesses.


Curvy details

Over the years, society has become more open-minded and less straight-edge, and art is reflecting this gradual change in mindset. Furniture has featured curvier details instead of straight lines, and art will reflect this. Art with curves comes across as free-spirited and cozy, which many people enjoy.


Uplifting pieces

A lot of people had a rough time in 2021 and 2020 and are hoping for some positivity in 2022. As a result of this search for optimism, many people are looking for inspirational, cheerful art. Decorations and art with bright colors, uplifting sayings and lighthearted graphics will be in high demand in 2022. For example, art-lovers will likely purchase art with sunny yellows and large, playful imagery over serious-looking black and white pieces.


Art inspired by nature

Many people have spent more time outdoors over the past couple of years than they would have before. This more outdoorsy lifestyle has caused people to develop a greater interest in nature. Society’s newfound appreciation for nature will reflect in art trends. For instance, people can expect to see more earthy colors such as blue or green in trendy artwork. Additionally, there will likely be a lot of pieces influenced by flowers, plants and trees.



Minimalism is never really out of style. Classy, subtle artwork looks attractive in various environments and is unlikely to spark opposition or controversy.


These artistic styles and designs will be trendy for art enthusiasts in 2022.